• Christie Mickelson

Corie-Anne & Aaron ~ Backyard Garden Wedding, Barriere BC

Backyard weddings melt my heart every time. I don't know if it's because it brings me back to my own wedding in my parents backyard or the relaxed atmosphere that is accompanied by tons of love and laughter! One thing I do know, is they are a ton of work. Months and months of planning, cleaning, prepping, planting, growing and stylizing! Corie-Anne and Aaron did it all, along with the tremendous help of their family and friends! They turned an ordinary backyard into a breathtaking whimsical garden filled with mason jar candles, beautiful signs, wine barrels, and strings of lights.

From the time I arrived, I felt like I was part of the family! I was greeted with big hugs and friendly smiles. As I entered the doorway, you could see the love flowing. The house was jam packed with family and friends all doing their part to help out. The kitchen was bustling and the backyard was filled with bridesmaids and family members finishing up the final touches.

The day turned out perfect, considering they were threatened by rain and winds the night before! The love flowed throughout the day and the bridal party was so FUN to work with!

Thank you Corie-Anne and Aaron for including me in your day! Much love to you both! XO

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