• Christie Mickelson

Aaron & Corie-Anne

Wow it's been a very busy month behind the scenes. Not only with business, but some new and exciting personal changes. (Future blogs to come). So as promised to Corie-Anne a couple weeks are the images from their engagement session we did at Peterson Creek Park.

It was so nice to finally meet Aaron and I have to say....his red curly locks are adorable!!! And the little grin Corie-Anne gives Aaron is the cutest!

I am super excited to be returning to Barriere for their wedding this summer. We lived in Barriere, before making the move to Chase in 2012. I remember seeing Corie-Anne and her beautiful daughter around town, but never had the chance of meeting in person. I was beyond ecstatic when she booked her wedding with me. When listening to her plans for the wedding, it reminded me of my own wedding. Backyard at her parents house! I fell in love with the idea right away. It will be amazing to spend the day with them, and their family and friends. I'm sure they'll be a few familiar faces :)

I was so happy that Corie-Anne and Aaron included their daughter Zoey in the session. She was so natural in front of the lens. I can't wait to hang out with her some more at the wedding!!!

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