• Christie Mickelson

Shelby & Cole

I had the amazing opportunity to capture Cole and Shelby's surprise engagement while doing their newborn lifestyle portrait session! I was aware that it was going to happen, but wasn't too sure that Cole and I were going to be able to pull it off. We planned for an outfit I asked Cole to change baby while I kept talking to Shelby about emotions that she wanted to capture within the session. At one point she had stood up and I thought to myself "Oh no, she's going to see what Cole is doing," but instead she headed to the fireplace to adjust the temperature! Phew!!!!! Cole returned with Koehyn snug as a bug in a blanket and passed him off to Shelby. Once Shelby unwrapped the blanket, she was presented with "Will You Marry My Mommy"? Yes....we pulled it off!!!!!!

I am so blessed that Cole and Shelby allowed me to capture their engagement session a couple weeks ago! We headed up the mountain side where we were surrounded by an abundance of beautiful yellow wildflowers! The two of them were joined by Koehyn for a few images and than Grandma stepped in and swept him away with her loving arms! This gave the two of them the chance to just be in the moment and enjoy each other's love!

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