• Christie Mickelson

Everything Happens for a Reason

So, I've never blogged....yep first time attempting this! Please be a little easy on me. I really have no idea how to do this.

As I am going through this process of transitioning from portraits to weddings, I find myself refecting a lot on my own relationship. After 17 years...I still feel as beautiful and special as I did the day I met my husband. I feel that same spark that I did when we went on our first date! He still takes my breathe away, the same as he did when we brought both of our boys into this world. When I look at our wedding album, I still get an overwhelming feeling of love and joy! I am so grateful to have this man in my life! Sometimes, I wonder how did I ever get so lucky to be in this amazing relationship? How did I get so lucky to be with someone that "gets me'? How did I get so lucky to have created this amazing little family with him? Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been smooth sailing all the time....but my gosh it's been worth it! Through each little argument or discussion, our love for each other has grown stronger. I know, it's a crazy concept, but it's true! We've learned to appreciate each other a little bit more. We've learned how to communicate better. We've learned how important our trust is in one another. We've learned to always be honest with each other. Most of all, we've learned how to respect each other, emotionally, spirtiually, and physically. He is my 'EVERYTHING'!

Everytime I think back about when we first met, I can't help but think that we were meant to be. That everything in life happens for a reason!!!!! So I want to let you in on the story of how the two of us met. I was at a point in my life where I was struggling with some "self love". I was just about to turn 20, didn't really have a direction in life, and felt like I was missing the real purpose of why I was here...of course, I know we all go through this at some point in our lives. Okay, so I now need to back it up one year. I was living in Valemount and working at a quaint little drive-thru coffee shop. It was the cutest little log cabin! One weekend my girlfriends and I decided to go to a ball tournament in a nearby community. I do need to let you in on a little something..... I was not really there to play ball because I most definitely have a "girly" throw and tuck when I see the ball coming at me...we were there to dance. Outside of the hall, I noticed this guy (not a ball player either) hanging out with a group of acquaintances. He was so whitty and had everybody lauging hysterically! We never did talk that night....we shared a few glances, but I think the both of us were way to shy to even attempt to try and spark up a conversation. The next day, I returned to work and was talking to my boss about "this guy" I had noticed at the dance. I will never forget her excitement... "Christie, that's my brother"! What...I was mortified! I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. But then something crazy happened...she said, "You two would be amazing together"! At the time, I didn't think much of it because he was only visiting and lived here in Chase. I brushed it off as just another "maybe moment" in my life and continued on. The next summer, I started working at the coffee shop again. One evening, a truck pulls up and I take notice of the was him. I could barely control my emotions....but I had to get it together long enough to make him his mocha. We shared a few strong glances at each other and they left...what they left! Where were they going? Was he in town for a few days? The next day, I arrived at work to his sister gleaming. I remember her saying, "My brother's been asking about the girl with the million dollar smile"! What? He thinks I have a million dollar smile? "And he's moving here", she said!!! I couldn't believe it!!! The weeks following were filled with many visits at the drive thru window! Never enough time to really talk too much....and we were both so shy! It was finally at a friends BBQ where we had the chance to visit and where he finally found the courage to ask me out on a date!!!!! I'll never forget it; we went for a quiet dinner and then we just drove around for hours on the backroads talking about all these times where we had crossed paths, but never actually met. I had known Ed's siblings and their familie's for years as we all lived in Valemount. Ed and I had so many of the same close friends, but never knew it.

Wow! There was a reason he had caught my eye that night at the dance! There was a reason why I was working at the coffee shop with his sister. There was a reason why both of his sisters had worked with my parents in the past. There was a reason why one of his close friends was in a relationship with one of my close friends! And there was definitely a reason why, when I moved in with him, he had the matching chairs to my kitchen table!!!!

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